Day Planner Recommendation Guide

For those that don’t love a digital calendar (or sometimes even in addition to one), a Day Planner is a wonderful tool.  However, there are some things to consider to ensure that the Day Planner you are using fits your needs.  This download has the best practices for selecting a Day Planner as well as the healthy habits to using it properly. 

About the Author

Sarah Tetlow, Founder & CEO of Firm Focus

Sarah is an experienced productivity consultant, trainer, and speaker for attorneys and other busy professionals.  She uses her past experiences, organizational and strategic thought process, education, and training to help law firms improve their bottom line and operate more efficiently.  More importantly, Sarah’s clients see a reduction in stress and anxiety and an increase in focus and new business.  Through one-on-one consulting, strategic planning, workshops, and group trainings, Sarah works with attorneys, law firms, and busy professionals to find personalized ways in which to manage one’s day with a proactive and focused approach.

Sarah is also the creator of the ARTT™ Email Productivity system and course.  The ARTT™ course has helped hundreds of professionals gain control of their email, mitigate using email as a distraction, effectively track important communications, and reduce stress and anxiety.  It helps email users understand their human habits connected to the technology to effectively organize their inbox.  ARTT™ Graduates have reported an increase in responsiveness and revenue. The ARTT™ course is available at and Sarah is also available to lead private ARTT™ system trainings.